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been awhile caught up time

Published July 29, 2011 by thebauer4

Summer is just flying by and I should know why but every year is continues to just amaze me. This post will be more about me keeping the memories of what the kids did this summer so not to interesting for anyone but me. Sorry!


Ryan has completed swimming lessons, did not pass, but hey that is ok he was in a class with 7th & 8th graders and he is only 7 going into 2nd grade. He could do all the strokes that they asked he just didn’t have the lung capacity to do it as long as they would like. There is always next year. =) He attended VBS and again loved it. Our church strives to make this a grand thing and this year was no different. The ladies that make this happen should be proud of themselves. Ryan loved soccer camp. He had two coaches that came from England. He loved listening to them talk and learned a ton. Can’t wait to see him play this fall, which reminds me I have to get him signed up soon! He went to invention convention. This is a science camp of sorts. LOVED IT! Great program strongly suggest it to anyone willing to try it. He received a dvd of memories at the end and it is just amazing to say the least what these kids did (learned) in one week. WOW!!! He attended his very first fair concert last night. He came home and loved it. He said you could feel the music, sorry to burst  your bubble kiddo it was just that loud but hey if the music moves you go with it. Tonight Ryan and I are going to see Eric Church should be a great concert!!! I think that gets Ryan up to date. He is a sassy, perfectionist, kind hearted kid as of right now and I couldn’t ask for more!!


Maddy is all over the place and into everything. She loves paper, not really sure what this is all about but she can not resist putting any sort of paper in her mouth. Actually she can not resist putting anything in her mouth. lol I guess she is teaching her mama to keep the house clean. Maddy is a lot like Ryan she is an outdoor loving girl, too bad it has been way to hot to go out much. We have hit the Water Park a few times this summer and Maddy LOVES IT!!! When she gets to the part of the water where it is to deep she swims like a frog. Her little legs look so funny. She loves the little water slide and goes on it over and over again. She only says a few words still mama, lots of m sounds and baaaa (ball). She has said dada in her sleep so she is capable just not while awake. Her lack of speech concerns me but the Dr. says it is ok so I guess I should just let it go. Maddy loves books and will bring you book after book. She hands it to you and spins around and sits in your lap, way to precious. She has started giving kisses, mouth wide open, and for some reason Charlie gets the most.Right now Maddy loves to go bye bye. She will waive bye bye and hi to anyone and everyone she sees. We went to the fair parade this past weekend and Maddy fell in love with the horses. She would have followed everyone of them if I let her. So we took her to the fair this week and she is just mesmorized by them. We may be in trouble if she keeps this up. Not sure our city would like horses living in our back yard. Maybe she can sweet talk Grandpa and Grandma. lol We head to Omaha to check her reflux in a couple of weeks. I am soo praying that they say everything is perfect, no more surgeries and we can discontinue all medication. Please pray this for her!

That is a quick caught up for now. Hopefully I can get in the grove of blogging more frequently. I need to get this stuff down so I don’t forget the wonderful and awesome things my kids do!