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straws and deodorant

Published August 19, 2011 by thebauer4

I know I know the title, one has nothing to do with the other, however in my weekend they do.

Ryan and I were at Walmart the other day getting all the necessary supplies for our trip the end of last week. He was insistent that he needed to go to the deodorant aisle as he now needs deodorant. He insists that he has bo and needs do for it. I caved and bought it as he was is insistent. My little guy is growing up way to fast it is driving me crazy. I thought deodorant was a thing for middle schoolers and apparently it is for 2nd graders. oh well at leat I know that Ryan will not the stinky kid in class. Ryan starts the 2nd grade next week. I am ready for school to start, Ryan insists that he is not. I know that routine is a good thing in our house and during the summer we tend to get out of any good flowing routine as each week brings something different. The school open house it tonight & we are both excited to meet his new teacher.

Maddy is officially not a baby anymore, she can drink from a straw. This past weekend while traveling we went to Wendy’s and bought her a kid’s meal, you would think I would know she was not a baby when we purchased the kid’s meal but i regress, and i decided upon apple juice for the drink. I forgot the tippy cup in the car so I was trying to show her how to drink out of a straw. Yes everyone in Wendy’s got a good laugh but Maddy picked it up very quickly. I am so proud of my baby she is so smart. Yesterday the phone rang and she went to it and point and said hello. Now Maddy is still very limited in her vocabulary so this is great, of course she has not done it since but will still point at the phone when I say hello. Maddy’s appointment  with the Dr. Donavan went well. Of course as a mother you want you child to be perfect and no longer have any issues, but Maddy’s reflux has improved some which has the Dr. saying we just keep doing what we are doing, giving her medicine every day to keep the infections away.

Maddy drinking from a straw:

While away we visited a few fun places of the kids. Wish I knew how to post photos so i could add a few. We visited Coco Keys kids love that place. Ryan and I had a little one on one time and played basketball in the water most of the time. We visited The Amazing Pizza Machine. Ryan had a blast on the bummer cars,, playing the arcade games, mini golf, but his favorite is still the skeeball. Maddy found a pink poodle in the “build a bear” shop. We almost left without getting it stuffed since apparently we can’t read a sign that says To stuff contact the front staff for help. Ooops. The next day we took in the Lincoln zoo which both kids loved. Great little get away for the family. Sounds like we will get to do it again next year also as that is when Maddy’s next appointment is.

Photos from our travels:

Maddy with her pink poodle:

I have had thoughts stirring around in my head about adoption lately. I have found a web site called Reece’s Rainbow. It is mind-boggling to me how any person can treat those precious children the way they are being treated. I am tossing around the idea that we need to have a Down Syndrome child added to our family. I have tossed the idea to Mike a couple of times so we will see what comes of it. I just feel that God is leading me to Reece’s Rainbow for some purpose as he has me awake in the middle of the night thinking of these kiddos and praying that the families going to adopt their children make it to them in time and that Mike finds it in his heart to bring one to our home. More on that later. . .


Coco Keys booked!!!

Published August 2, 2011 by thebauer4

Ryan is soo excited we leave next week. He loves Coco Keys. Just LOVES IT!!! Can’t wait to see his face after he slides down the largest water slide in the place for the first time. Maddy is old enough now to play in the water. I am very excited to see what she thinks. Should be a great time.

We can thank Maddy for this quick trip. She is due for a  re-check of her reflux. I am praying praying praying that this is her last visit and all is perfect. I can’t wait to talk to the Dr. and see what he has to say.

So that is the exciting things going on in our life. Yes we lead a very boring life but I love it that way!