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It’s been a day

Published October 18, 2011 by thebauer4

Today has been a day. One of those days where no one is happy at work and it is frustrating to say the least. However I check on the little ones, in the adoption world, that are coming home or meeting their mommies and daddies for the 1st time and it brings joy to my heart. I have recently found Sally: Oh how I love this little love! She is just adorable. I pray she finds a mommy and daddy very very soon.

Ryan and Maddy had their photos taken a couple of days ago. The photographer has already sent me the proofs and they are fantastic!!! I can’t wait to get the cd so I can share them here. She did an awesome job of capturing Maddy and Ryan. I have been searching for a photographer that would chase my kiddos around and capture them being kids and doing what they want to do. I love photos but really do not love posed photos. They have their place in the world but my memories I wish to keep involve my kids doing whatever it is they love at that moment. It totally brings me back to that moment in time and I love that feeling and know that I will treasure them even more when my kids are older.

Maddy’s new favorite word is no. She says no to everything. She will shake her head yes to things but most of the time no is her response to everything.

I am soo excited. I am going to host a coupon class. I am sooo hoping that I learn how to save lots of money. I would love to adopt Sally I am also very excited help bring Nellie home as her mommy will be the one presenting the class. YEAH everyone wins!!!

Just wanted to share this photo I found today while looking through old photos. Love the 2 teeth on the bottom and her bright blue eyes.