1 phone call

Published June 5, 2012 by thebauer4

Isn’t it amazing how much one phone call can change a persons life? Mike and I have faced several different versions of this, from our 1st home and then second calls from the realtor saying you got it. From receiving the call from the Dr. that Ryan’s perfectly healthy, then the call that Maddy was not perfectly healthy and would have kidney issues. Calls in the middle of the night from a fragile grandma that was in the early stages of dementia and having hallucinations to the dreaded call that Mike’s sister had been killed. I know it is cliche’ but as time passes those calls don’t seem as life threatening or overly joyful as they did the minute that the call was placed. Ryan has been a picture of health his whole life, so far, knock on wood. Maddy, while she does have kidney issues and had a surgery when she was just 3 months old is a very healthy, happy little girl. So the Dr.’s call that once sent me reeling because my second baby was not going to be perfect doesn’t seem so bad today as it did the day I had a melt down blaming myself for all her imperfections. She is perfect. While it was very frightening to receive a call from Mike’s once perfectly quite and very reserved grandmother stating words that would have otherwise never passed through her lips was scary in the middle of the night so long ago today we can look back and think, it was all for a purpose, God had a reason! He had a reason to take Mike’s sister so early on in life, while all of us here on earth would never had made that choice, surely God had a purpose for her in heaven we can not even fathom from this earth. There is a purpose to each and every call that you receive. God makes no mistakes.

I receive a call today at work that sent me reeling. This poor family had circumstances way beyond their control, with good bad and ugly all mixed in in the span of one week. Due to my job I can’t give personal advice to the people who call me but i really wanted to tell this lady, God is working, I know it doesn’t seem that way right now but you will see the beauty in the end. Just watch for it.

Not really sure why this call sent me reeling because it is not something that is new, it is not the 1st or last time these circumstances will happen but today I am sad for this family. Prayers for them today.




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