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Published March 8, 2012 by thebauer4

Since this blog is more about me trying to remember than it is for any other purposes, unless of course for some great reason it goes viral, then it will be a blog used to find homes for the children on Reeces Rainbow. lol But until then it is for my memories.

Right now:

I am in love with the song God’s Not Dead by the Newboys. Check it out here:’s-not-dead-lyrics.aspx

I was singing it in the car the other day and Ryan asked if I could put it on his i-pod. I love the he loves my music and does not just select one type of music to listen to. He is so much more open minded thant I ever was at his age. Speaking of Ryan my favorite things about him right now:

He is so open minded and has a great faith in people. Ryan and his buddies have some sort of a club going and of course when you have a club you have to have rival club, because that is how 8 year olds roll. However the rival club leaders came and requested to be allowed to be part of Ryan’s club the other day and Ryan’s club let them. Without any thought about it, it made me think about my faith. Would I have be able to forgive and forget the injustices that one had placed upon me and just let it go that easy. So proud that Ryan can, as for me I am still working on it. Ryan has a great since of loyalty. His friend lost her dog recently and Ryan is constantly looking for her and taking Charlie for walks trying to find her. Love the dedication he has for his friends. Ryan is the family clown and is always trying to make everyone laugh.

Maddy favorites:

Maddy’s new thing is to grab your face with one hand on each side of your face and make you look directly at her when she has decided she has something really important to tell you. I love that she has such passion to make you stop doing whatever you are and take notice of what she is trying to tell you. She loves to run around the house with no clothing, too funny. Watching her cubby little bottom bounce along is just too much. She is going to be my little fashionist, when she starts wearing clothing again. I brought the mail in the other day and there were a few catalogs in it and she wanted to look at each and every one. Going page by page and pointing at things she wanted. Where did this come from I am sooo not a fashion girl. lol Maddy is growing so fast she now weighs 32 lbs. She still is not talking very clearly but she is talking all the time.

I was telling a friend today that I feel lost in life right now. Not sure why. I don’t feel like my family is finished, Mike doesn’t really agree. I feel like I don’t keep my house the way it should be or how I would like it to be, & why is that? I don’t feel like I ever do enough, say enough or help enough to get the word out about RR and the need of these children. I still pray every night that God will put it in Mike’s heart to adopt Sally or Ashlyn & of course I don’t think God is working fast enough because I have a very hard time with “All in God’s time.” So I know that God is looking down at me laughing this very minute since he knows all and provides all, but again I am not a very patient person. I don’t feel Charlie gets enough time or appreciation in our family. I don’t feel like I tell Mike that I truly do value everything he does for our family. Why are kind words so hard to say to people that truly deserve to hear them? I really want to forgive my mother-in-law but can’t seem to let the past be the past. I worry about B&B every day but never tell anyone that. Easter is fast approaching and I have no ideas for my kiddos Easter baskets. Needing help with that. So there you have it my worry list that I need to work on. Maybe I will make that my to do list instead of my worry list.

Going scrapbooking this weekend, seriously can not wait!!!! YEAH!