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up 2 date

Published February 18, 2011 by thebauer4

Seems like I haven’t been here for awhile so time for a little caught up!

Maddy- We went back to the Dr. to check up on Maddy’s ears and all was great!!! Praise th Lord. So if we can go one month without any ear infections we should be out the wood for getting tubes. Really hoping we can avoid that, so while we can’t live in a bubble we will be living in our own little version of one to the extent we can. Maddy started crawling on the 13th, maybe I should say Maddy started crawling forward on that date. She has been going backwards for a bit before that but never forwards. So watch out world Maddy is mobile and ready to get into everything. Child proofing in on my agenda for this weekend.

Ryan- Ryan is doing great. We have all been enjoying this great weather NE has been having but especially Ryan. He has come home every night this week and played with the neighborhood kids. I love it when they all congergate at our house and play. So much fun to watch.  Ryan’s basketball team is doing great. They all seem to be coming out of their shells and figuring out where they are suppose to be. Last week Ryan stole the ball, dibbled down court for the very 1st bucket of the game. He was so proud of himself. I can’t express in words the joy in my heart watching his face lite up when he did this. So so so happy for him. He is doing great. He has decided he is going to play soccer and flag football next. They both happen at the same time. He has played soccer before and loves it, but football will be a new adventure. Can’t wait to watch.