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Published January 12, 2012 by thebauer4

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Published January 10, 2012 by thebauer4

Okay I will admit it I am an addict to Pintrest. Love love love it!!

Here is one of my favorite sayings right now:


Quick updates for my kiddos:

Ryan started basketball again so he is a happy boy. Not to mention he has a coach he truly loves. He is a sassy, stubborn, and inspirational boy that astounds me every day! Ryan’s report card was great this quarter, he even brought up a few of his grades so it was mainly all 4’s. Way to go Ryan!!!!  Sayings he has said lately that I never want to forget: mom I am almost a preteen and I will be driving soon. How am I suppose to remember where everything is at?

Maddy is obsessed with Woody and the Toy Story gang. She loves babies and strollers. Her vocabulary is starting to sound more like words, very very slowly. However she has the ability to tell you exactly what she wants and how she wants it. Maddy is in love with boots and pony tails, can’t wait for her hair to grow so we can do braids and more fun things with her hair.

I haven’t really made New Year’s resolutions this year. I am just trying to be a better more present mom/wife/friend/employee, in general person. I am trying to smile at everyone I see if I don’t feel like smiling that day. Just be a happy person and it should show through in everything I do. Wish me luck!!!

Please go to visit the Cole’s web page ( and enter the cutest kid contest. I have been pouring through photos of Maddy trying to decide which photo I am going to enter. What a fun way to raise money for these 3 families and you get to show off your baby also. Win/win for everyone!!!


Be positive!

Sleep, no sleep it’s all good

Published November 17, 2011 by thebauer4

Again I am behind on my thankfuls, ugg! So here goes.

Nov. 15- I am thankful for midnight snuggles. While I really treasure my sleep, I love snuggling with my kids in the middle of the night. There is nothing better than having your little one zonked out in your arms. I love to feel the weight of Maddy & Ryan on me, you can tell they are soo comfortable and secure, one of the best feelings in the world.

Nov. 16- Mike. I can’t imagine a better daddy or husband. He truly completes me. He takes all my crazy ideas in stride. He works so hard to provide for our family. He loves & protects his kids like no other. He is truly a man of his word. We have been through hell and back together and only come out stronger each time. Can’t imagine my life with anyone but you honey. Love you!

Nov. 17-Sleep. I know crazy I am thankful for no sleep and then thankful for sleep. While I love love the midnight snuggles, they do take a toll on me. I am a sleeper. I like my 8 hours of sleep at night and Maddy has been getting up every night lately. However last night she slept straight through. So today I am refreshed and ready to go. Thanks Maddy!!!


November 14-OshKosh

Published November 14, 2011 by thebauer4

I am a little behind on my thankful fors! So here goes.

November 11- All our Veterans. They have given us the life we live and we all should be proud of them.

November 12- Coupons. I met one of the nicest people because of Adoption and Coupons. Please go read Nellie’s page and you will see how awesome Beth is. One of the fundraisers that the Cole family is doing to bring Nellie home is that Beth is teaching couponing classes. She is a great instructor and I can’t wait to get started couponing with the great tips she taught us!!! Thanks so much Beth.

November 13-November warm days. Here in NE you never know what to expect from the weather. Yesterday was a great day. We took the kids to Brickyard Park. Ryan took the neighbor boys with him and they all got to go exploring the fun nature path, while Maddy & I explored the rolling hills. What an awesome day.

November 14- OshKosh. LOVE their clothing. Both my kids wear clothing from OshKosh. I think it stands up well and fits great. Today I got a nice little treat through my e-mail saying I won a $100.00 gift card. AWESOME!!! Now my kiddos will have great Christmas outfits  for their programs. And christmas morning when they open an outfit and pj’s I will be singing the praises of OshKosh again. YEAH!!!!

Sally still needs to find a forever home. Please pray my hubby accepts adoption or that Sally’s family finds her. She is such a little sweetie. 


Peder Eide

Published November 10, 2011 by thebauer4

I didn’t post yesterday my thing I am thankful for & I am soo glad I waited until after we attended the rally day dinner. WOW is all I can say. I vaguely knew who Peder Eide was but didn’t really “know”.  Last night I had the privilege of listening to him speak and preform. AMAZING!!! I was very moved while listening to him speak about pouring the holy spirit into others in any situation you can. Pour Pour Pour. AMAZING!!! Not to mention he has adopted 2 of his children, which you all know is very much in myheart and sole right now. Peder preformed a concert at the church after the rally day dinner I wish I could have attended but am positive was just FABULOUS!

Today I am thankful for i-tunes so I could purchase several of Peder’s songs and the cd RESCUE!

Here are my cuties. Just had to share.



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Nov. 8- Today I am thankful I have a job. My job allows me so much flexability that I can be a mom and work also. I couldn’t ask for more out of a 9 to 5 job.


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I am still running behind but maybe with a new week I can keep up.

Nov. 5- Thankful for Maddy and Ryan. We stayed home all day long and they drove me crazy because I was trying to clean. They were trying to get out everything possible. But it reminded me that my kiddos are blessed beyond belief. They never really want for anything. Seeing all the stuff out reminded me of how much they are truly blessed by everyone in their lives.

Nov. 6- My sister, Alicia. She had an open house today at her shop. My sister is one of the most talented people I have ever known. She makes some of the most beautiful cards, letters, invites and anything done on paper. She also makes adorable tutu’s and headbands for Maddy (or any little girl). I am blessed to have a sister that is sooo talented.

Nov. 7- My church. I can not think of any other church I would rather be a member of. Being a very large church it would be very easy to get lost in the shuffle and I personally do not believe that happens at our church. I have always felt welcomed and at home at our church. We have a great congregation that is very supportive.

So there it is. Now hopefully I can keep up this week!!!!

Please go check out the fundraiser in progress for Nellie. This precious little girl has a family that loves her and can not wait to get her home. She will turn 5 this month which for an orphan is a death sentence!! She NEEDS to come home!!! Please help in any way you can.